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Raising mason bees: The beginning

Hi all,  I've been conspicuously missing from the blog for awhile. I haven't been feeling like writing stuff for everyone to read for the most part and never want my blog to feel like a chore, so I haven't made... Continue Reading →


Now’s the time for a wildflower hike

Today my kids and I checked out Camassia Park (Map) to see if the wildflowers we blooming. We confirmed that yes, they are in full bloom! It's gorgeous there right now and now is the time to go. This is a... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day Conclusion

This is the fourth and final installation of my account of all the paid and unpaid work I did 3/8/17 since I decided not to strike. I worked tonight at my paid job from 5pm-11:45pm. It was a very busy... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day Part 3

From 1pm to 4pm, the account of my paid and unpaid work. Toddler never napped. Preschool sister was tired and I asked if she could lay down with little brother while I shower. She agreed. I got in the shower... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day Part 2

From 9am account of all the paid and unpaid work I do today. Start laundry. Child sees me get out vacuum, asks me please don't vacuum. Put on Star Wars movie then advise I'm going to vacuum. He follows... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day Part 1

I had decided not to strike today for a couple reasons. One because I am parent to very young kids and it would be a pain to pass on those duties to others for an entire day. Plus it would... Continue Reading →

Trump is endangering our children and our planet by gutting the EPA

Yesterday I read a headline that made me feel sick to my stomach. It was regarding the WHO study (WHO stands for World Health Organization) that concluded that 1.7 million child deaths a year are caused by a polluted environment. The news... Continue Reading →

No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor 

I put up a yard sign recently. I originally saw it before the election at one of my best friend's homes. The organization in my area distributing the sign is called Bridging Cultures. If you'd like your own, head over... Continue Reading →

Kid and dog friendly trails at Mary S. Young park

On Friday, my kids and I set out to hike in the morning because there was no rain in the forecast for the first time in awhile. We were dog sitting for our friends so we loaded the pup in... Continue Reading →

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